Lets Talk About Massage Bars

Lets Talk About Massage Bars

At a recent market interest was shown in our massage bars so I thought I'd give an overview of the butters we use, their properties & their benefits for which I make no claims, medicinal or therapeutic. 

So just exactly what is a Massage Bar? To put it simply, it's a solid body butter or solid moisturiser, made with completely natural ingredients and they are SO fabulous for your skin! Massage bars are are super concentrated because they contain no fillers, additives or preservatives – just the good stuff your skin needs. Our massage bars are extremely portable, especially if you store them in a metal tin like we do. They fit perfectly in your purse, diaper bar or car glove box for any dry skin emergency (but don’t leave them in the car during summer months – they melt!). Make sure to keep them at room temperature. 

How does one use a massage bar? Best results are given after a shower. Towel dry and massage the bar over your body. The heat from your body melts the bar. Use sparingly and massage in well, if your skin is too oily, dab off with towel or paper towel and wait for oils to absorb into your skin before getting dressed. A little goes a long way when you using, so they are very cost effective.

What is a massage bar made of?  We use cocoa butter, shea butter, essential or fragrance oils. 

What is cocoa butter? Cocoa butter is an edible fat, pale yellow in colour, extracted from the cocoa bean. Used to make chocolate & pharmaceuticals. It has a cocoa flavour and aroma that smells divine and is considered a vegetable fat despite butter in it's name. It is vegan, it contains no dairy products. Because it stays solid at room temperature, it's perfect for beauty/skin care products. It contains naturally occurring antioxidants that prevent rancidity, giving it a prolonged shelf life.

What is shea butter? Shea butter is the vegetable fat found in the nut of the shea tree.  Shea is a gentle moisturiser suitable for all skin types. It’s rich in fatty acids including palmitic, stearic, oleic and linoleic acids. Shea has emollient properties, it softens the skin and covers it with a moist waterproof layer, preventing water loss. Shea butter is rich in vitamins A, D and E.


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