Caring For Your Product

Caring For Your Product

Caring for your product after purchase will help make your soap, massage bar, whipped body butter or candle last a little bit longer. 

Cold Process Soap:

During periods of high humidity cold processed soap will "sweat". This is due to the naturally occuring glycerine in handmade soap that attracts the moisture from the air. Glycerine is highly beneficial for the skin! Commercial soaps have this glycerine removed and make bi-products with it.

To prolong the life of your soap, keep out of direct stream of water and in a soap dish that drains well. This will allow the soap to dry between use.

Massage Bars & Whipped Body Butters:

During Summer or hotter than normal room temperature it's best to store these in the fridge otherwise they could melt. Don't expose to direct sunlight, keep in a dark cupboard or drawer. 



Burn Time - to prevent tunneling the first time you light your candle let the wax melt all the way to the edge of the glass. Never burn for more than 4 hours at a time. 

Avoid draughts - candles burn best in still air but if you can't avoid draughts, turn the candle periodically to avoid uneven burning & possible candle collapse.

Use a candle dipper/candle snuffer when putting candles out, rather than blowing out to prevent wicks from diffting off center & avoid wax splash. 

Candles are sensitive to temperature & light, don't sit in direct sunlight. Fragrances with vanillin content may yellow if exposed to sunlight/fluorescent light, this is normal and does not affect the burning of the candle. Always store your candle in an upright position. 

Trim wick to 6mm before every use. Trim ball on the end of your wick to keep your candle burning gently, don't cut too short or it will become engulfed by wax. 

Keep the burn pool clean - if you get any black at the rim of your glass, simply wipe it away with a damp cloth.


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Hi, I saw you at the farm market last Saturday and bought a lot of your beautiful products particularly your Victorian Rose products. Both my friend and I love your products and you told me you would make more Victoria Rose products. Also, do you have any specials of soaps, bath salts etc like you had at these market? eg 3 products at a discounted price? We would love to buy more of these.
By the way I loved your body bar of Victorian Rose. It was beautiful!!
Kindest regards from Sue

It was lovely to meet you too😊

Susan Davies

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